Oregon Screw Machine Products, Inc. provides years of experience in the precision turned and milled parts industry. Our staff includes individuals with years of experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, and quality management and inspection.  At Oregon Screw Machine Products Inc. we turn your concepts into reality.

We currently operate over 25 turning centers and mills including CNC turning centers, CNC Swiss machines, CNC gang tool lathes, CNC mills, single spindle cam driven automatic screw machines, multi-spindle cam driven automatic screw machines as well as a wide variety of secondary operation equipment.

We work closely with a number of qualified outside vendors such as plating, heat treating, and centerless grinding companies so that we can provide you a finished part to your specifications. We also have a wide variety of inspection equipment including two vision inspection systems, three optical comparators, a wide variety of manual inspection gages, profilometers and more.


Oregon Screw Machine Products, Inc
9291 SE 64th Ave
Portland, OR 97206
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